The enigmatic opulence of Mithé Espelt’s treasure chests whispers the same ideas of desire that underlies all her work. These ceramic jewellery chests hide secrets or even treasures. They are incredibly refined and upon inspection become fascinating thanks to the variety and precision of their decors. The technical mastery required to bring them into being makes them genuine works of art straight from the hands of the alchemist of seduction.

The tops of these exquisite ceramic chests come in all of Mithé Espelt’s styles and many feature her luxurious gold crackle. From flowers and birds to freeform shapes and crystalline glass which resemble crown jewels, each is a work of art. The lid sits perfectly atop a bespoke wooden box, ideal for storing items close to your heart. For further reading, the full story is related in « Mithé Espelt, the discreet luxury of the everyday », the Antoine Candau mandatory guide.

Given their age, the chests may show normal signs of wear, but the description always indicates any accidents or restoration. The ebonised wooden boxes that hold the ceramic lids may vary in size and have different finishes.

All of the chests presented here comes with a certificate of authenticity drawn up by Antoine Candau, author of the monograph, with authorisation from Mithé Espelt herself, and in collaboration with Marion de Crécy, the artist’s daughter who worked in the studio for twenty years.

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