Les bijoux de Mithé Espelt sont une haute joaillerie faite de céramique, de pigments, de verre, et sans surprise d’or pur. Au cours d’un véritable processus alchimique, les nombreuses cuissons réussissaient à donner à l’or liquide l’apparence du métal et à transformer les éclats et perles de verre en magnificentes pierres précieuses. Véritables œuvres d’art, ses colliers, broches et bracelets réalisés dans les années 50 (à une époque où les bijoux couture n’étaient pas fabriqués de façon industrielle) respirent le chic parisien. Celui, intemporel, d’une rive gauche où se croiseraient encore Line Vautrin, Louise de Vilmorin, Françoise Sagan, Brigitte Bardot ou Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, et Jacques Gautier. Toute une époque. Celle des bijoux de Mithé Espelt.

Mithé Espelt loved making jewellery through her entire life. As a young woman, she produced intricate ceramic buttons and jewels designed by Line Vautrin. After founding in 1946 the Lunel workshop, she conceived her own designs and was quite immediately hired to create the jewellery collections for luxury brand Souleiado. She can not be compared to the many 1950s ceramicists who produced jewellery as if it was just another product in their line, but is definitely one of those exciting personalities (Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Line Vautrin…) who branded their hallmark on the fascinating history of 20th century jewellery. Just like with everything she made, the artist used her knowledge of baking, gilding and enamelling to ensure that not two jewels are identical. Thus, when wearing a Mithé Espelt brooch, necklace or bracelet, you are adorned with a one-of-a-kind piece of art. For further reading, the full story is related in « Mithé Espelt, the discreet luxury of the everyday », the Antoine Candau mandatory guide.

The condition of the jewels is always meticulously checked, and any woven cord or elastic components that have served their time are replaced. The ceramic elements, however, are all original pieces made in the 1950s. They may show signs of wear, but the description indicates any accidents or restoration. An ultimate check is always done before shipping.
Mithé Espelt jewels come in deluxe handmade pink cardboard cases inspired by a early 1950s prototype found in the artist’s studio archives and produced in France by the renowned Ateliers Escourbiac (supplier of Armani, Boucheron, Jean-Paul Gaultier, LVMH…).

All of the jewellery presented here comes with a certificate of authenticity drawn up by Antoine Candau, author of the monograph, with authorisation from Mithé Espelt herself, and in collaboration with Marion de Crécy, the artist’s daughter who worked in the studio for twenty years.

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